Operational Excellence

Services Overview

Margins are gained or opportunity is lost forever as a result of manufacturing performance. Manufacturing operations typically follow a substantial investment in product development and/or capital equipment. Plant productivity, quality / yield performance, and the ability to continually improve manufacturing capabilities are critical and highly sensitive dials driving a company’s return on investment. Lean techniques can be elusive to corporate cultures, with occasional attempts resulting in little more than policies and posters that affect little and accelerate nothing. In addition to productivity and waste concerns, failure to capture costs accurately results in over-pricing and lost bids while accepted bids are low or losing margin.

Based on the lean principles of reducing waste and errors, Accel’s practical hands-on approach targets reduced costs, higher quality, improved yields, and increased productivity for the long-term. Our theme of measurable results is instilled within the manufacturing site, with the consulting project completing substantial step function improvements along with securely establishing a continuous improvement culture. Manufacturing staff are fully trained and, more importantly, soundly practiced in specific new lean techniques as second-nature. The factory’s culture is transformed to aim at business goals and to continually correct and further improve manufacturing performance.

Typical improvements include:

  • Manufacturing cycle time and WIP inventory reduced by 80% (Lean Manufacturing / Kanban / Visual Systems)
  • Setup times cut in half (SMED — Single Minute Exchange of Dies)
  • Scrap reduced by 70% (Quality at the Source)
  • Bid Accuracy increased by 80% (Discrete Method Costing)
  • Factory Throughput increased by 35% (Total Factory Transformation)
  • Plant Culture realigned toward business goals (Total Factory Transformation)