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Product Development Execution is the Sales-enabling function of the high technology company. In its ideal state, Product Development creates new products and services that fulfill customer needs better than competition.

> Cost less to develop, manufacture, sell, and support
> Provide the company with a winning edge in the marketplace
> All through the fastest, most effective, and most efficient process as possible

Our Product Development Execution consulting service bridges all of the gaps between the current state of a company’s Product Development capability and this ideal state.

Transforming a capability as complex as Product Development requires experience and innovation that reflect best practices throughout the high technology industries. Accel’s Rapid Diagnostic identifies specific gaps and impacts, and prioritizes elements of the integrated solution. Our thought leadership emphasizes practices that drive first-pass success in requirements gathering, detailed design, verification and validation, design transition, market preparation, and production ramp-up. Without such best practices, new product development’s repeated loops and second attempts can devastate schedules and leave customers hanging. Our Product Development transformations change cross-functional behaviors to plan completely, execute visibly, and adjust by using the right mix of cross-functional trade-offs. We facilitate development of Product Development processes that are complete, based on the best practices of first-pass success, and streamlined for usability.

Our clients have realized substantial results from Product Development Execution transformations:

  • All projects applying Product Development best practices, common project management language, highly visible achievement-based communications, and tight control combined with free empowerment to solve problems
  • Time-to-market cut in half through transformation into a first-pass success culture
  • Detailed and highly usable processes accepted, applied, and championed culturally throughout the organization
  • New products setting market share and profitability records

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